Strategically selecting the right factory for your brand can be a decisive factor for achieving real success and is therefore at the heart of what we do. After years of extensive networking and assessment, we are able to offer our clients a portfolio of manufacturers that we consider to be the factories of the future.

Rovó advises across all functions along the supply chain in development and production. Depending on the size and scope of our brands' projects we offer tailor-made proposals.

We provide teams of professionals including garment technologists, product developers, quality controllers to fully manage and execute the development and production of our clients' collections and be responsible for local daily monitoring. Even if you don't have an existing internal structure, we can fill in the gaps with our technical designers and graphic designers, providing you with a comprehensive agency service.


Every season we create supply chain calendars for our clients for both the development and production cycles.  Frequent drops of new products means that shorter lead-times are necessary to keep up with the new speed of fashion.

Individually tailored calendars help to increase in-season response and flexibility and contribute to reduced lead-times from order placement to delivery of goods.

→ research & development (R&D) 

As an agency that strives to push boundaries, we are always open to work on new challenges. In partnership with CITEVE, Portugal's main technological institute for textile and apparel, we have the capability to collaborate on and re-think some of the industry's most pressing topics (i.e. supply chain transparency, 3D technology, fibers of the future, biodegradable and compostable products).

If you have any personal topics of interest or innovative ideas to shake up the industry, please get in touch with our team! "Contact us"

→ Sustainability Management

We implement sustainable practices in a variety of ways; by tapping into our sourcing network and teaming up with innovative suppliers that are re-thinking raw material usage, investing in modern machinery that radically reduces water consumption and also converting to renewable energy to power their manufacturing and processing plants.

By prioritizing sustainability we can help companies become more efficient and even cut costs by reducing energy requirements, minimizing waste, maximizing recycling and re-use by sourcing eco-fibers and bio-degradable packaging, and rethinking resource ownership. → find out more about our "Agenda 2020"

→ Pricing & Design-to-Value (DTV) 

Finding the perfect balance between quality and cost is a delicate task. By identifying specific features in a product that are valuable to the final consumer we can help to optimize our clients' products and create savings.

Adopting DTV methodology stimulates growth, maximizes customer satisfaction and gives brands an edge over market competitors by focusing on the features and characteristics of a product that are most valued by the end consumer.

→ Product Development 

We assist in product development on multiple levels from tech pack analysis to sourcing specific yarns and in many cases developing fabrics, prints, new dying methods, branded trims and packaging from scratch, creating unique and fully personalized products for our clients. 

From the very beginning of the process our development team focus their efforts by experimenting with different fibers, yarn qualities, fabric finishes, embellishment techniques, alternative constructions and lay plans, for cutting during production, that can often uncover significant savings in unexpected areas.

Our product developers and commercial managers ensure that the critical path is adhered to throughout the development process in order to deliver your collection of samples according to specification and on time.

→Supplier Relations

Our goal at Rovó is to build strategic supplier partnerships between client, agency and factory.

As an agency, we work on behalf of our brands to ensure that their company's business practices, style and ethos are adopted and reflected in the work and goods produced by our factories. Being present on a daily basis at factories and suppliers means that our clients' partners in Portugal gain a deep insight into their customer's world and vision.

We encourage our clients to arrange seasonal visits to Porto at key points in the development and production cycle to help in building professional long-lasting partnerships.

→Pre-production & testing

For new styles and fits we develop size sets for our clients' approval. We ensure that PP samples are always made using bulk fabric and trims so that there is little room for mistakes to be made during production.

We inspect bulk fabrics upon delivery at the factory and cuttings are immediately sent to our clients for approval.

By utilizing the time between PO handover and collection delivery our developers ensure that all TPs are updated according to specifications for bulk production and also arrange quality testing with our trusted lab partners in Portugal.

→ in-line quality control

Over the years we have developed a specific in-line quality control procedure that aims to maximize our ability to catch any issues early on in the process, allowing enough time to implement corrective action where necessary.

Our quality controllers have an open-door policy at all of our factories and their sub-contractors, meaning that during the production phase our QC team are present on the factory floor daily to supervise cutting, printing, sewing and finishing.

Our return rate in 2018 was less than 1%.

→ final random inspection

We always send out an 'in-line sample' to our clients, a few weeks before the agreed ex-factory date, as a final confirmation that their order has been manufactured and packaged according to all requested specifications.  The samples are randomly selected from the very first few pieces that come off the production line in order to ensure that no mistakes occur during bulk production.

At the end of the production cycle, Rovó controls according to AQL standards agreed upon with each client. We also have the capability to control up to 100% of goods (upon request) at the end of the line before everything is packed and prepared for shipment. A few days beforehand, shipment samples that carry correct labels, stickers and packaging are sent out to our clients for approval along with our bulk inspection report.

Please feel free to download our "Bulk Inspection Report" to view the full list of criteria checked during inspection.

→ transport & logistics

Our factories are are all conveniently located less than 1 hour's drive from Porto seaport and airport. 

We work with selected shipping and forwarding companies specialized in global logistics solutions for fashion brands and can offer a variety of services including warehouse storage, pick & pack, daily departures for urgent air freight shipments, dedicated truck and pallet service.

Our clients' goods are regularly shipped directly from our factories to the rest of Europe, USA, China, Japan, Australia, Korea etc..

Having worked for many years for companies with worldwide distribution we have the expertise to advise on the best logistics set-up and rates in Portugal for your brand.