About us


Our team of experts, based at our headquarters in Porto's city centre, includes former product managers, quality controllers and supply-chain managers from renowned apparel, fashion, and luxury companies as well as experts from some of Portugal´s leading manufacturers.

We consider ourselves an extended arm of our clients' production teams, filling in the gaps and relieving their daily workload. By taking on responsibility for approvals during the development process (lab dips, mock-ups, strike-offs etc) we gain up to 10 days lead-time during sampling and avoid shipping samples back and forth.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. As an internal policy, we aim to send out perfect samples to our clients that meet all required specifications. All samples are controlled at our factories by our expert quality controllers who immediately advise and implement corrective action if necessary, saving valuable time.

Over the years, we have brought our expertise and industry insights to more than 50 apparel, fashion and luxury clients and work exclusively with factories that share our ethos of sustainability, transparency and innovation.

Our clients range from small-size companies to industry leaders—spanning across e-commerce fashion retailers, lifestyle and designer brands. → find out more about "What we do"


Fashion is the 4th largest industry in the world; it is also one of the most polluting and creates a huge amount of waste that cannot be recycled and is not bio-degradable.

Sustainability is no longer a buzzword, but an integral concept in the future of fashion, as well as an essential commitment for brands that want to engage with their new audience.

Increased consumer awareness means that today's customer has higher expectations than ever before and considers quality, price, newness, transparency and brand integrity when purchasing a new product. These demands, which have evolved as interaction with technology characterizes our daily lives, are creating a challenging environment for the fashion industry.

Brands are having to re-think their supply chain structure in order to keep up with the constant demand for new products in smaller, more regular drops. 

Rovó's comprehensive know-how of the fashion industry, from both the manufacturer's and fashion brand's perspectives, means that we are equipped to navigate the intricacies of supply chain management, creating profitability and growth for our clients.


1. Sustainability

50% of what we produce for our clients will derive from more sustainable sources including cellulose based fibers from renewable resources, recycled fibers and organic cotton. All garments will be shipped in 100% bio-degradable and compostable bags.

2. Speed

Integrate 3-D technology through the use of specialized software into our development cycle for prototyping and sampling for all clients, in order to reduce lead-times and create more speed. When a physical sample is necessary, we will produce "overnight-samples" to ensure that lead-times are kept to a minimum.

3. Flexibility

Establishing our own warehouse facility service for our clients, giving us the possibility to offer flexible logistics solutions from pick & pack services, to the ability to ship goods regularly in drops in order to meet our clients' increasing demand for regularly updated capsule collections and seasonal products.